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Hello World! – Let’s Talk!

I had to leave the above post on the site.   😀 
It’s kind of like a memento of when I started writing posts, again.

I actually started this blog February 16th, 2016, but I accidentally deleted the entire blog March 5th, 2016.
It took me 18 days to create this blog, 1 second to delete it, and 15 days to get everything back up and running, and completely set up.

Until I post again, GOD BLESS YOU!


Author: SaintlyMic

I am a BORN AGAIN Christian!

5 thoughts on “Hello world! – Let’s Talk!”

  1. Dear Family, Friends, & Strangers,

    I have continued to work on JESUSisGOD.com .

    I’m just going through the site doing what I need to do.

    It’s been a while since I did anything here on this part or section of the Blog.


  2. JESUSisGOD.com

    March 31, 2016

    Today someone from Germany tried to hack my site 120 times before I blocked their IP address.
    Why are these people trying to hack JESUSisGOD.com?
    What do they hope to accomplish?
    Don’t they realize that if they are successful that they will be caught, and they will be charged with Breaking and Entering, Identity Theft, and other things?!
    I love you people, but you need to stop trying to hack my site!


    1. Here’s a real kicker . . .
      Instead of trying to hack my site why don’t you join up and become a member?
      Then, you will be in the system, and you can leave posts, comments, and replies!


    2. JESUS IS GOD !

      It’s Monday, August 08, 2016.

      Hackers are still trying to hack JESUSisGOD.com !
      I use software that tells me of anyone trying to log in with a fake username.
      I know their IP address, and in most cases I can see the street where they were when they tried hacking into the site, and this is anywhere in the world!
      I record every single hack attempt just in case the police would like to see those records to bust people trying to break into people’s systems.
      I believe there should be laws in every single country that punish hackers FOR JUST TRYING to hack into people’s systems.
      If we had such laws there would be very few hackers.

      In any case, I’m doing fine, and I am just looking over the site to see what I can do next.
      God Bless Everyone!


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