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Dear Family, Friends, & Strangers,
Jesus gave me to keep and to protect and to develop.
It has been a long learning process for me.
I have paid for everything since 1998, and Jesus ALWAYS supplies my needs somehow.
Even so, I have prayed many times about some way to put on the site a SAFE & FREE way to ask for donations, and since 1998 I have not learned how to do it, or it just cost too much money to do it the way I want to do it.
I made a test account with GoFundMe 2 years ago asking for donations for my generator invention, and all I have gotten is $30.
Well, tonight Jesus finally answered my prayers!
It’s been a long time, but now I have a genuine Donation button on my blog linking directly to my personal PayPal account!
This is more awesome than I can explain.
And, guess how I learned how to make my own Donation button?
I helped a wonderful man in Kenya Africa to have his own website on my website, and then Jesus led me to the perfect plugin after days of searching through many many plugins, and I was able to set up his site with a PayPal donation button!
I took what I learned helping him and I applied it to my Blog!



LEGO Gummies !


LEGO Gummies
LEGO Gummies



How To Make LEGO Gummy Candy!

Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”





I created these two images Sunday, September 11, 2016.
It’s the “FEAR GOD” image & the “JESUS SAVES” image.






I created this image Tuesday, August 30, 2016.




I made this image Saturday, July 23, 2016.




I made this image Friday, July 22, 2016.

We Are Greater Than Our Flesh
We Are Greater Than Our Flesh



I had to put the following image of Jesus up on my site!
A friend of mine on Google+ made it!
I combined it with a counter image I found on the web.
I created the blinking 11:59 image.





I finished my Prophecy Chart today, Sunday, June 19, 2016!
The Prophecy Chart gives evidence that Jesus is God.
Check it out.
It’s really a great tool and resource.

Here’s the link to the Prophecy Chart:


Here is a video with a splash picture of my rats.
This shows how well the media plugin works!

WhiteyGirl & LucyLu


Here is a video of the Blog Header.
Just another test. Blog Header


Here is a slideshow of a Mini Wooden Dagger I made.



Here’s a video of the Mini Wooden Dagger I made.
I finished it by adding about 20 coats of clear fingernail polish.

Mini Wooden Dagger




Here is the video code you can copy and paste into your comments.

fvplayer src=”YOUR VIDEO SOURCE HERE” width=”700″ height=”300″ autoplay=”false” liststyle=”horizontal” controlbar=”yes” embed=”true” splashend=”show” splash=”YOUR IMAGE SOURCE HERE” caption=”YOUR CAPTION HERE”]

I stripped/removed the first end bracket so the video code is visible.

To insert the code just copy and paste the code into your comment.
Then, add the first end bracket, add your video web address and other areas in the code, then your video should play.
You may need to refresh the webpage for the video to work.

Please don’t make your videos auto-play.
Auto-play cannot be used on this website, because auto-play will slow down the website, and will use a lot of server resources.
Plus, it would not be good if several videos were running at the same time.






Author: SaintlyMic

I am a BORN AGAIN Christian!

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  1. I was on the phone with for about 90 minutes tonight.
    Hackers have been trying to break into my Blog, and I wanted to make certain my users are safe and secure.

    Well, to upgrade my hosting I’m looking at about $500 for 3 years.
    This would make my site an SSL or https type site.
    However, I would have to do a complete rework of my entire site, and that could take months.

    What am I going to do?
    I’m going to leave everything as it is until Jesus gets me the money.

    The way I see things is this . . . . .
    Jesus is protecting my site from thousands of hack jobs every month.
    If I really need the extra security Jesus will provide the money.
    Until then I’m going to trust Jesus for my protection.



    I have a security issue I need to address to everyone.

    Guests and users who are not signed in cannot participate in Blog activities, but you can read everything, because everything is open and visible to the whole world.

    You must be registered and logged in to leave posts, comments, questions, and answers, or join groups.

    If you are a guest, or if you are not logged in, and you click the reply button, you will be sent to my 404 error page.

    It’s OK, because this is a security feature to keep hackers and spammers out of the Blog.

    If you log in you will be able to participate in everything on the Blog.

    God Bless You Everyone !



    I updated and changed my WordFence settings.
    I did have it set up where hackers were only blocked or locked out for 1 hour.
    But now I set it to 1 day.
    I’m catching many more hackers this way.
    They were slipping through the cracks to attack more than one time.
    Not now!

    I would also like to welcome Cat to the Blog!
    Cat is our first member!
    Her username is chattycat78.
    She is a new friend of mine!


    1. I was testing out a WYSIWYG comment plugin, but it causes the reply function to send people to the page not found page.
      I’m writing this using HTML, but most people do not know even a little HTML.


  4. This is a test for the comments within posts.

    WhiteyGirl & LucyLu

    It seems to be working, so far!

    WordPress still strips formatting from comments if you go to edit a comment.
    This comment did have a red font before I edited it.
    So, if you want your font a certain way don’t edit it after you create it.
    Please make certain you get your comment the way you want it the first time.

    In the future I hope to resolve this “problem”!


  5. LucyLu in the Sink

    I’m trying an open source video plugin for comments within posts.
    Seems to be working so far, but it doesn’t look like the FV Player video.

    I found that we can make comments with font size and color when we first make a comment, but if you go to edit a comment the formatting is stripped and removed.
    Also, the centering format is stripped too.

    The plugin I mentioned above ended up not working.
    I found another plugin to let me enter short codes into comments.
    It doesn’t have a insert video button, but I can give you the short code for your own videos.
    Just put in your video address, and if you want a splash image on your video just enter the address to your image too.

    Your video must be a format which works with web browsers and phones.
    I use the mp4 format, and that works on IE, Firefox, Edge, and Android phones.
    It could work on Mac devices, but I don’t know for certain.

    I have included a shortcode, minus the video source or splash image addresses, and minus the first end bracket.
    Just add the first end bracket.
    Then enter in your own address to your video and splash image.

    I also inserted the same shortcode with the first end bracket and the video and image addresses that I inserted into the main post, and it works in comments, now, as you can see below.

    fvplayer src=”YOUR VIDEO HERE” width=”700″ height=”300″ autoplay=”false” liststyle=”horizontal” controlbar=”yes” embed=”true” splashend=”show” splash=”YOUR IMAGE HERE” caption=”WhiteyGirl & LucyLu”]

    Please notice that the equal signs have been changed to forward slashes.
    When you copy and paste the code the forward slashes that are supposed to be equal signs are changed back into equal signs.
    WordPress does this to code in the comments for some reason.

    WhiteyGirl & LucyLu


  6. My pc died yesterday.
    I ordered a used pc yesterday.
    I should get it in a day or two.
    Right now I’m using my phone.
    I hate it.
    Smartphones have a long way to go to being user friendly.


  7. How to become BORN AGAIN
    The code I used to show the video and pictures in my last comment didn’t work, so I’m trying a new code.

    Here’s WhiteyGirl & LucyLu.

    WhiteyGirl & LucyLuAWESOME RATS !WhiteyGirl & LucyLuIn the kitchen sink.originaldate 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AMwidth 800height 500LucyLuIn the kitchen sink.originaldate 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AMwidth 800height 500LucyLuUp Closeoriginaldate 1/1/0001 6:00:00 AMwidth 800height 500

    Here’s a video of LucyLu . . . in the comment section too!

    LucyLu 3-15-2016LucyLu in the kitchen sink.LucyLuIn the kitchen sink.bitrate 890 kb/sheight 320duration 00:00:52.42fps 25width 480


  8. Well, tonight I finally got the last part of my blog set up!
    I was able to get the pictures and video plugin to work.
    I’m not certain if videos and pictures can be included in comments.
    However, you can add videos and images to initial posts.
    I think what I may have to end up doing is let people make posts, and if they want videos and images in their posts I can get the image links and set them up in cincopa, then add the short code(s) to people’s posts.
    If you know a better way then please tell me.

    [cincopa AICAFX9dNnDK]

    [cincopa AAOApU9AN3G0]



      Cincopia turned out to only be a trial.
      They didn’t post this anywhere from what I could see.
      So, this means I’m back at square one with images and videos.
      What a bummer!

      I stripped the closing tags from this comment.
      One video keeps starting up no matter what I do, so I disabled it and the other videos in this comment.

      Oh yeah . . .
      FV Player works great!

      I’m going to attempt to see if I can post a video in this comment.
      It might turn out to just be a link to a video, instead of an image/video viewer, or it might end up just being HTML code.
      I’m reading a tutorial now.
      We will see if this works!

      I’m trying different things.
      So far, nothing works the way I want it to work.
      I can code in the video myself, but it doesn’t look spectacular, and if any of you don’t know HTML I would have to edit your comments to add video to your posts, and that’s NOT good!

      My goal is to make the blog in such a way that any users/members of the Blog are able to put videos and images into their posts and comments.
      Entering code won’t be so bad, if I make a group and post section where people can copy and past the code into their posts and comments, but again, that is a lot of work for YOU!

      The first video works PERFECT, but to me it is ugly!
      All I have to do now is figure out how to make it default to not play when the page loads!

      iframe class=”embed-responsive-item” src=”″ allowfullscreen width=”700″ height=”300″>

      The second video is even uglier, but it doesn’t start automatically like the first video.

      embed src=”″ width=”700″ height=”300″ autostart=”0″ showcontrols=”1″ type=”application/x-mplayer2″ pluginspage=””/

      The third & fourth videos don’t want to work at all.

      fvplayer src=”″ width=”700″ height=”300″

      video src=”″

      The fifth video turns into an image for some reason.

      video src=”″ width=”700″ height=”300″

      The sixth video doesn’t work in the comments, but it works in posts.
      featured-video-plus src=”″
      playlist type=”video” ids=”464″

      The seventh video works in the posts, but not in the comments in the posts.
      fvplayer src=”″ width=”700″ height=”300″ autoplay=”false” liststyle=”horizontal” controlbar=”yes” embed=”true” splashend=”show” splash=”” caption=”WhiteyGirl & LucyLu”

      I just installed a record video button plugin on the site.
      I tested it, but I don’t know how well it works yet.
      vidrack align=”center”
      It didn’t work so well.

      I am keeping each video code I try in this comment, so everyone can see a little of what I’m trying to do.
      The oldest video codes are at the top.
      Newest video codes are at the bottom.


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